Alma Kha Ex member of the Mol tribe. Left Mol during her teens because of their differences and was adopted by Kha tribe shortly after.
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Age Mid 20s
Pronouns She/They Alma identifies as a girl and uses she/her most of the time. However, she does not mind being referred to as they/them occasionally.
Birthplace Azim Steppe

A crafty and welcoming soul in search of an answer to what makes a person powerful.

Likes Dislikes
Honesty Boredom
Apples Showing Vulnerability
Camaraderie Cowardice

"One step ahead of you! "

Voice Claim: Nami Nakagawa

Alma's Theme: Altale - Sakuzyo

Eikon Slayer's Theme: GaMetal - The Red Wings

Eikon Slayer's Remorse: GaMetal - The Red Wings (Outro)